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Music. Culture. Zeitgeist.

Rolling Stone

Editorial Concept

ROLLING STONE always keeps moving in terms of its concept and attempts to organise the pop-music landscape into a larger cultural context.

Topical areas such as literature, film, the Internet and politics belong to the fixed spectrum of ROLLING STONE, which also positions itself with its commitment to the written word: Instead of piecemeal journalism, this magazine covers detailed stories that have a wider scope than pop & rock, understanding music as a reflection of social currents.

Another building block in the ROLLING STONE foundation are 16-page, mono-thematic specials that report on the most important trailblazers of pop music or provide substantial presentations on entire styles.

"If you want to listen, you must read" – ROLLING STONE’s motto applies more than ever.

Key Data

  • First day of sales: Thursday
  • Publication: Monthly
  • Copy price:  € 7.90 (incl. CD)
  • Sold circulation IVW III/2016: 51,216 copies
  • 2016 ad rate, 1/1 page 4c: € 10,000
  • Reach according to AWA 2016: 0.5 % / 0.33 million

Download English Rate Card 2015 here.

Rate Card No. 20, valid as of 01.01.2015


Eva Dahlke

Eva Dahlke
Head of Marketing Luxury and Lifestyle

Mehringdamm 33
10961 Berlin

030 308 81 88 230


Benedikt Faerber

Benedikt Faerber
General Manager International Sales

Axel-Springer-Straße 65
10888 Berlin

+49 30 2591 72569